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Full Moon Celebration

Sunday April 25, 2021

7-9 pm

$20 Massapequa Park

These are the elements of the Full Moon evening:

Singing Bowls flowing into the Powow flowing into the Drum Circle with group participation!

We begin with angel cards, guided relaxation/meditation and tuning in for the multi-dimensional sound bath healing.

Chimes, flutes, tongue drum, etc... bring our energies into deeper dimensions.

We are all feeling the rhythms as I drum for the collective.

Then, we all join in as we are intuitively drawn to express ourselves with sacred drums, rattles, tambourines, etc. Please bring your own instruments if you like and we have plenty to share!

Dancing is always welcome!

As usual, feel free to relax and absorb the vibrations as suits you in the moment, the flow!

Tea and refreshments are served for those who enjoy staying and schmoozing.

What a divine Celebration of Life and Community!

Together we honor and give reverence to the universe that sustains us mind, body and soul.

Monthly Goddess Circle

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

7-9 PM

Connecting inSisterhood, we share and practice divine listening. Learn new tools to embrace yourself and let your unique light shine!

RSVP 516-906-5880

or [email protected]

Light refreshments are served!

Bring a friend or family member!

$20 contribution

Massapequa Park, NY


Susan's Singing Bowls Multi-Dimensional Sound Bath

Vibrational Healing Meditation

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

7-8:30 pm

Massapequa Park


Relax your spine, free your mind and connect ot the divine within!

Enjoy and absorb the healing sounds of Tibetan and crystal glass Singing Bowls, drums, kalimba, flutes, gongs and more!

Men, women and young adults are welcome to have a seat or lie on a yoga mat, breathe and experience new levels of peace and serenity.


Book an Appointment for Yourself!

Be in touch with Mother Earth Energy Planet of Wisdom & Love!

I am your guide for balance, grounding and support as you tune in with The Tree to find the answers and insights to nourish You !

NOW is the time for each of us to empower ourselves on our divine path in this lifetime! 


Passionate about tuning people into their Inner Light, Susan offers individuals and the world community an array of wellness opportunities!

Her music, “Susan’s Singing Bowls”, “INFINITIES” and "Treeology" are available on CD (Amazon) or via iTunes, Spotify, etc…

Great for meditation, massage therapy, healing, wellness and sleep enhancement!     

Healing, light and love, those are my words, my mantra, my prayers. Through my personal growth my desire is to help you to discover your true self.

Of recent years, I have been honored to officiate weddings, play magnificent singing bowls before the ceremony to bring an atmosphere of harmony and delight.

I bring these beautiful bowls to personal events and I offer my home to singing bowl meditations and relaxations.

My journey began when I became a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist 30 years ago. Working with energy healing became a natural part of my massage therapy. I became certified in Reiki and an Integrated Energy Therapy master/ instructor, IET (

My study of yoga and meditation enriches my knowledge of self-care.

Ordained as an all faith reverend allows me to officiate at weddings and sacred life cycle events.

People from all walks of life have benefited from this compassionate style of healing care.

Learning about what constitutes a professional massage therapy treatment will immediately alleviate any apprehension you might have.

Whether you decide to receive massage therapy or participate in a class, you will leave feeling relaxed, centered and stress free.

Call 516-906-5880 or email [email protected] to learn more.

Nourish your body

Nurture your spirit

Sharing Peace and Wellness is my Mission

Receive, be empowered, and in charge.

Feel at home in your own body.

Phone: 516-906-5880

Email: [email protected]

More information about Susan:

  • Binghamton University, Bachelor of Arts
  • New York College of Health Professions, Massage Therapy
  • NYS Society of Medical Massage Therapists, Board Member
  • Adjunct Professor CUNY Queensborough and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • Integrated Energy Master/Instructor (IET)
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Arbonne Consultant. Arbonne: Pure, Safe, Beneficial
  • Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek

"Serenity isn't freedom from the storm;

it's peace within the storm."