Susan’s Multi-Dimensional Sound Bath 

Vibrational Healing Meditation

Singing Bowls or Sound Healing is thrilling for me!

As ancient as breath, touch, and movement of the body,

sound vibrations help balance and transform

the mind/body/soul system of participants, one and all.

Nature and The Universe at large vibrate in harmony with us,

or shall I say, us with them!

Through my centeredness and intuition, 

I am guided to use a variety of sacred instruments 

to bring about altered states of consciousness, 

including deep peace and feelings of wellness. 

No two sessions are the same 

and everyone receives exactly what they need to feel better--

from headache and muscle tension release 

to experiencing the energy of spiritual beings 

who share their love and wisdom.

Singing Bowls Gatherings are learning experiences 

as well as healing and meditation opportunities.

You will sit or lie down and follow your journey 

to dimensions where elevation awaits!

I lead a guided relaxation with my intuitive playing of singing bowls.

What follows is your multi-dimensional journey 

of sound with flute, drum, chimes 

and diverse instruments from many spiritual origins.

While you come out of the deep state of rest, 

I verbally guide the group through the chakrahs 

for grounding into present time and space. 

I share self healing energy techniques for daily life.

We end the circle with an option to verbalize 

our experience in sacred space.

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Margaret M:

"Susan Gelbman is a treasure within our community. Her singing bowls healing sessions are pure magic. She intuitively plays the music of the spheres all the while creating space for you to heal on a deep vibrational level. She also attends to each person by playing and attuning their energy one on one within their space in the group. It is truly fascinating. I can't wait for my private session!"

Vince G, licensed massage therapist:

"...Through your intuitive and inspired approach you facilitated a shamanic journey where your music lifted the veil between the earthbound and ethereal realms resulting in an expansion of consciousness. This is not easily done and reveals your connection to that ethereal realm. Bravo, thank you!"